Nola Scott - Local Legend

Our local legend – Nola Scott


As part of the 2012 Australian Day Awards ceremony, life member Nola Scott was  inducted into Wagga Wagga Sporting Hall of Fame as a Local Legend.

Nola joined the Wagga Wagga Croquet club in 1984.

Nola was a self taught player, learning the game through books. She qualified as a Level 1 Coach in 1988 and was qualified until 2010 when she allowed her qualification to lapse as her husband was ill and couldn’t dedicate the time required. Although, no longer formally qualified, she is still coaching in a limited capacity at the moment. During her time as a coach at Wagga Wagga she has trained the majority of the Club’s Association players, including Jim Nicholls who is a current member of the NSW State Association Team and Marga Podnicks who has represented South Australia at both Association and Golf Croquet. Nola was also involved in introducing croquet to a number of adult groups and the Schools Croquet Program ran by CNSW.

In 1998 Nola became the first qualified referee in Wagga Wagga.

Nola has served on the committee for no less than 24 years of the 28 years she has been a member. Her commitment and enthusiasm to members, the club, and to the sport in general has been instrumental in building a thriving club of approximately 70+ today.

Nola is also known for getting the last word in, however on this occasion she was speechless, a phenomenon her daughter has never witnessed before.

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