3 Way Inter Club Challenge

Teams from Wodonga, Walla Walla, Albury and Young travelled to Wagga Wagga early May for the
inaugural Inter Club Challenge.

Weather was perfect, and the day culminated with the Albury Club of Brenda Bruhn, Max Eyres, Rob
Watson and Michael Matthews winning the Challenge with the Wagga Club second.

Everyone enjoyed the day immensely and plans are to make the Challenge an annual event to be
held at the central Wagga Wagga Club.

Photograph shows Albury team – from left Michael Matthews, Max Eyres, Brenda Bruhn & Rob

PS. it is called a 3 Way Challenge as the teams are travelling from the North & South of Wagga Wagga.

3 thoughts on “3 Way Inter Club Challenge”

  1. Surely to make it a three way challenge you’d need a team from east of Wagga – say Canberra to participate in 2014? Especially with a third lawn… Congrats to Albury for winning in 2013! Regards, peter

    1. Peter,
      The 3 Way challenge is base on a competition between 3 “W” clubs (Walla Walla, Wagga Wagga & Wodonga) plus Albury and Young. hence 3 WAY (WWWAY).
      The competition will be happening on 5th May, so perhaps a bit difficult to organise at this late stage, however I have forwarded Canberra’s interest in future competition.
      Also, Tumut has started a croquet club. More acurately they have commenced playing, with loan of some of our equipment.
      They are sharing a bowling green and playing GC only. Peter & Wendy Lloyd gave them a few lessons.
      So perhaps in future, when we get out 3rd Lawn, we can look at a regional challenge.

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