Thirsty Crow Quet Challenge #1

The inaugural Thirsty Crow Quet Challenge was held in hot conditions on the 21st December.
The majority of the 32 competitors had generally not played croquet previously, so a quick ‘how to play’ was conducted by Jim Nicholls. Whilst some of the finer technical points were ignored, eg how to hold a mallet, the competition was soon underway with a fierce intensity.


Match of the day was the semi final between One Man Job (aptly named given Ravs and Irvys form) and the Euberta Bruisers. Noel, complete with deck chair played the tactical game to a tee, however his teammate failed to coverdrive the ball through final hoop to go down 3-4.

Using Special Croquet Goggles – “That ball is over where?”

By the end of the afternoon the crowd had settled in (thanks to Thirsty Crow beers and pizzas) to watch the unbackable favourites The Destroyers clinical demonstration of clearing opposition off the court.

Crowd watching the final

All the results on croquetscores


Big thanks to Thirsty Crow Brewery for the beers, pizzas and rounding up a competitive group. Also to Jason Crowley for helping us keep cool thanks to his sunshades.

Thirsty Crow brewer doing what he does best.


Note: As per the greenkeeper’s instruction, no beer was spilt on the playing area. Would be a waste of beer.