Golf Croquet

To see the world’s best check out Bamford vs Nasr competing in the Golf Croquet World Championship Final in Cairo.

and a quote from Banford after the match…

If I’m guilty of anything, it’s copying what my opponent does. If Ahmed’s going to play silly buggers with me – glaring at me every time he makes a big hoop, unnecessarily asking me to move from his peripheral vision, and swaggering around like a heavyweight street fighter in front of his adoring home crowd – he won’t find me backing down. Court 1 in Cairo, sunken and fenced court, the thick humid claustrophobic air, under the floodlights, mobile phones deliberately going off on your backswing, constant chatter as you take your shot, chewing gum on your line ball, the ball-boys and their dodgy line calls, the Call to Prayer, a baying crowd – it’s easy to get intimidated when Ahmed finds his mojo. It felt like a civilised version of cage fighting on that lawn.

Don’t get me wrong – he’s a great guy, and always friendly and smiling, and despite the ridiculous language barrier that we both face, I enjoy his company. But stick him in a World’s Final, and he steps up to the plate and plays as hard as he can. Nothing wrong with that in my book. He has my utmost respect as a competitor.

Entertaining, glorious stuff!!

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