There have been many contributors to the Wagga Wagga Croquet Club who have received Life Membership for their contributions.








Bess Webster Memorial Award
Bess Webster was a member of the Club from 1974 until she died in 2003, having given outstanding service in many offices and having been made a life member in 1996. Her son and daughter donated the shield above the clock in the Clubhouse.

The criteria for the award are:

  • Any financial member or life member who has given outstanding service and contribution to the club throughout the year is eligible.
  • Members of the Committee are eligible on the proviso that the “outstanding service and contribution” is over and above their current responsibilities.

Recipients of the Bess Webster Award have been;
2005 Fran Nix
2006 Noela Kaylock
2007 Richard Kaylock
2008 Nola Scott
2009 Peter Lloyd
2010 Nola McRae
2011 Ruth Wilson
2012 Robyn Willis
2013 Ian Hayes
2014 Jim Nicholls
2015 Margaret Priest